10 Reasons Why Taronga Zoo In Sydney Is One of the Best Zoos in the World


Taronga Zoo is an Australian zoo that has been open to the public since 1916. It's located in Sydney and provides a home to over 1,000 animal species, making it one of the most diverse zoos in the world.

Taronga Zoo is just about perfect for all families, with something for everyone. The animals at Taronga are not confined by fences or bars and roam free around their habitats. You can also enjoy interactive displays, shows and attractions like Taronga's new Wild Australia 4D Experience and Treetop Adventure. Here are some reasons why Taronga Zoo is a must-visit destination for everyone!

Why Taronga Zoo is a top Sydney attraction

Taronga Zoo is a public zoo in Sydney, Australia. It opened in 1916 and is currently the country's largest zoo. Taronga Zoo is home to more than 1,000 animals representing over 300 different species.

The zoo's award-winning conservation work

Taronga Zoo is a great place to learn about and connect with wildlife. It's home to award-winning conservation work, with over 130 endangered species living at the zoo. Taronga's efforts have helped save the Sumatran rhinoceros from extinction and help protect the dwindling population of Javan rhinos.

Taronga Zoo also houses a world-class aquarium which features one of Australia's largest collections of sharks. You'll find rays, turtles, manta rays and more!

What to do at the zoo

Taronga Zoo is a massive 350 acres, and you can easily spend hours wandering around the grounds. There are six different zones to explore, with different animal habitats in each. The zoo also has a variety of attractions, such as Sydney's only drive-through wildlife experience, the Treetop Adventure and Sydney's only 4D cinema.

The zoo is home to animals from all over the world and isn't just limited to Australian natives. You'll find everything from zebras to penguins to giraffes and more!

There is something for everyone at Taronga Zoo, whether you want to relax and enjoy seeing wildlife up close or you're looking for an active day out with plenty of activities for kids.

How the animals are kept

Taronga is famous for its open-range animal habitats. Animals are not kept in cages, fences or bars and roam free around their habitats. The animals at Taronga Zoo are well known for being happy, healthy and comfortable in their surroundings.

The Wild Australia 4D Experience is a new attraction that allows visitors a glimpse into Australian wildlife from the comfort of their seats. Visitors can experience everything from close up encounters with koalas and dingoes to being submerged underwater with sea life and whales.

The best animal encounters

One of the best things about Taronga Zoo is that it provides some of the best animal encounters in the world. You can get up close and personal with these incredible creatures, like giraffes, zebras, elephants and rhinos. You can even hand-feed a giraffe or meet a koala!

Taronga Zoo is also home to over 130 different species of birds, including some of the most spectacular bird displays in the world. The Bird Show is a must-see for any nature lover: it's running from September 1st to November 18th this year and will be sure to please kids and adults alike. The aviaries are also home to some incredible birds, from peacocks to flamingos to king parrots - you're guaranteed a great time here!

What to eat and drink at the zoo

What will you eat and drink at the zoo?

There are plenty of options for food and drinks. At Taronga, you can try a traditional Aussie meat pie or some pasta or one of the many other meals available. There is also an ice cream cart, popcorn cart, juice bar, coffee cart and much more. You can buy food at many of the cafes throughout the zoo as well. For drinks, there's iced tea, water, soda and beer.

Closing thoughts

Taronga Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. It has something for everyone and is perfect for families. Taronga Zoo has been around since 1916, so it has a lot of history that you can learn about while you visit. The animals roam free around their habitats and there are many interactive displays and attractions.

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